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“ Remember how you said
You loved me , you know that we would be together forever n shit -well looks like played me 4 a fool “

Verse 1

Sitting round the house thinking you 
B N deez streets creeping - trying to find a way to break my heart again .
I was always Faithful to you
Promised to be my lover and my best friend . 
O Why did you say ,you would Stay , & be my man until my dying day , ?

O Why would you look me n my eyes and say it’s a forever thang ?

O why when I forgave you time & time again with tha mistakes you made ?

I’m so done , Packed my shit( stuff )Out tha door , Not making plans No more that's it took my soul and laid it on the floor x2

Verse 2

Now whose gon grab me by the neck and then tell me that
It's all yours and ain't no need in trying to hold it back
You lied to me eeee, deceived me
Made me buy into your fucking Fantasy .
What about those time you said that we were meant to B- 
Said I’m Wifee even talks about a family 
You came to me , & got down on one knee & lied to me

I’m sooooo done , packed my shit (stuff) out tha door , not making plans no more
that's it took my soul and laid it on the he floor.

EP Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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